The history of psychology has long informed both Huey’s paintings and her life. She makes no secret of the fact that she was confined in an institution for two years when she was a wayward adolescent. Later, before she turned to art, she received a degree in psychology. Still, the mind and the treatment of its ailments, has long been her subject.

In this new body of work, Huey replaces sanitariums and institutions with resort spas, treatment centers and secluded getaways. Water—as ritualistic bath, as gathering place, medicinal salve, playground, reflecting surface and, specifically, water as the dreamlike soup where images gather and cavort—permeates the stage sets upon which Huey enacts her disjointed narratives. Where once her scenes were performed amid Gothic architecture, now they unfold in the brightly lit, idyllic—though sometimes also menacing—landscapes of the affluent.

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